Water company apologises after man called 'a tw*t' in letter to customers

Pensive businessman with hand on chin looking away and holding a document, selective focus, glasses on foreground

A UK water company is apologising after a company letter used a rude word to describe a man.

The seemingly innocuous letter was sent to 70 Wessex Water customers along a street in the Chippenham area to inform them about work in the area. But somehow the line: "Tom Wysocki is a twat" made its way in.

One customer was amused by the mistake, taking to Twitter saying "I really enjoyed reading your letter I received in the post today. May I congratulate Tom Wysocki for being mentioned in the dispatches."

The Bath-based water company has since apologised on Twitter, saying "We're deeply sorry for the inappropriate language and any offence caused by this letter. We are currently investigating how this has happened."

A spokesperson told Metro UK that the letter was tampered with and Wessex Water has apologised to all the customers that received the letter.

"We've taken the matter extremely seriously and we're taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again."