Woman finds car parked on driveway but there's nothing she can do

Newly built UK Homes with cars parked in driveways.
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A UK woman was outraged to find there was not a lot she could do about a car parked right over her driveway.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Metro when she rang police they told her they couldn't help - and if she tried to move the car herself, she could be charged with criminal damage.

The woman appealed to Facebook to find the owner the day after it was parked there, but to no success - leaving her with no idea how many more days it could be left sitting there.

Metro reports some people suggested giving the car's owner a taste of their own medicine by blocking it in.

"That's mad!" one commented.

"I don't get why anyone would want to park on your drive!"

England council laws state it's not actually illegal to park on someone else's driveway, as long as it's not in a dangerous or obstructing position. As it's technically private property, not council property, the council can't intervene either.

But it is a criminal offence to damage a vehicle, even if unintentional, so trying to move a vehicle could result in an arrest. Hiring a tow truck, at the caller's expense, would be the best option.

Parking in someone's drive, however, is an act of trespassing, which is a civil offence - not a criminal offence - meaning police can't make arrests. The courts do however have the jurisdiction to remove the car, but it can be a lengthy process.