Woman followed home by group of kittens

A Queensland woman claims a group of adorable kittens followed her home while she was out walking her dog.

Bree Taylor, from Dalby, was out walking her dog last week when she noticed her and the pooch weren't alone.

"All of these tiny kittens came out of the grass this morning." she wrote on Facebook.

She later added 10 of them were following her down the road. Video shows the kittens running to keep up with her.

"What do you think, Koda?" she asks her dog.

The videos have more than 20,000 views, with many left cooing over the adorable kittens.

One user labelled Ms Taylor "the kitten whisperer", others have offered homes for the cats.

The woman told News Corp she took the cats' home and found owners for four of them, believing the cats had been dumped. She also carried one of them on the trek home because it got tired.

Newshub/Channel 7.