Woman found alive after six days without food in Australian wilderness

Woman found alive after six days without food in Australian wilderness
Photo credit: Queensland Police

A woman has emerged alive after spending six days lost without any food in the Australian wilderness.

Korean tourist Joohee Han was climbing Mount Tyson near Queensland on Friday when she slipped and fell into a deep ravine, and was knocked unconscious for hours.

When she awoke she was disoriented but crawled her way through a section of bush and ended up at a rocky waterfall. Once there she was unable to get back out again due to the tough terrain, the ABC reports.

She remained at the waterfall for six days without food, but was able to drink water.

Emergency services were not notified until five days after she disappeared, when her friends raised the alarm.  

A search team of 20 volunteers located her on Thursday, and she was rescued by helicopter due to the terrain.

"The woman was located in bushland suffering from dehydration and exposure after being lost in the bush for six days," a police statement said.

"The woman was airlifted from the site by helicopter and later transported to hospital for treatment."

Ms Han was reportedly taking photos at the summit of Mount Tyson when she slipped and fell.

She was found when her screams were heard by search teams.

"She couldn't actually proceed any further and she had no way to get back out and that's where she stayed for days," Queensland Ambulance flight paramedic Hannah Gaulke said.

Helicopter crews passed food down to her before she was winched to safety.

She had no significant injuries and had been kept warm by a raincoat she was wearing when the accident occurred.


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