Woman gives birth at abortion clinic

Jackson Women's Health Organization.
Jackson Women's Health Organization. Photo credit: Google Maps

A woman has unexpectedly given birth at Mississippi's only abortion clinic.

She was at the Jackson Women's Health Organisation clinic to get a scan to find out how many weeks pregnant she was, local paper the Clarion Ledger reported. She'd also been experiencing back pain.

But during the ultrasound, the doctor quickly realised the cause of the pain - she was going into labour. And instead of a scan, the doctor - the only one to perform abortions in the entire state - instead found himself welcoming a baby girl into the world.

The clinic wouldn't say how many weeks pregnant the mother was, citing its privacy policy.

The Governor of Mississippi recently signed a law banning abortions after the 15th week, but it's been delayed by legal action from the Women's Health Organisation. Presently it's illegal after the 16th week.

Both the mother and baby were reported to be doing fine.