Woman swallowed whole by python

Reticulated pythons.
Reticulated pythons. Photo credit: Reuters

An Indonesian woman has been found swallowed whole by a seven-metre python.

Wa Tiba was checking on her vegetable garden on Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi on Thursday and never returned.

When her family went to look for her they found her shoes and a torch, according to village chief Faris.

After a village-wide search was launched, villagers found her inside a bloated reticulated python, 20 metres away from her possessions.

Villagers killed the snake and took it back to the central village.

Faris told CBS News they cut the snake open to find her inside, her body and clothes still fully intact.

"She was swallowed first from her head." he said.

This particular type of python is amongst the longest snakes in the world, and found in southeast Asia.

Reticulated pythons are common in Indonesia but it is very uncommon for them to eat humans, usually eating wild animals such as monkeys and pigs, killing them grabbing them with their sharp teeth then squeezing them to death.