Aeromexico plane crashes in Mexico

An Aeromexico plane with 101 people on board has crashed immediately after take-off in northern Mexico.

Some reports said the plane made an emergency landing, but Durango state governor Jose Aispuro said it came down hard on the runway.

He says there have been no deaths, though broadcaster Milenio reported that 80 people were injured.

The accident occurred at Guadalupe Victoria airport in the city of Durango, Aispuro tweeted.

The plane was en route from Durango to Mexico City, the governor said.

"It was raining, there was a storm, I think they tried to cancel the take-off but were no longer able to," he said.

The plane came down near the end of the runway, caught fire and was "seriously" damaged, according to the governor.

Some passengers reported a "strange movement" when the plane took off, Aispuro added.

He said the fire had not yet been brought under control.

Television images showed a column of black smoke rising from the site, which was cordoned off by police.

Milenio showed images of rescuers attending to passengers, some of whom left the plane without help, according to the report.

Aeromexico tweeted that it was aware of an accident in Durango and was working to "check the information and to obtain details."