'Anti-feminist' YouTuber Sydney Watson launches March for Men in Melbourne

A female conservative political commentator and self-proclaimed anti-feminist has organised a March for Men in Melbourne, saying there is a collective assault on the male population.

YouTuber Sydney Watson says the event is not about taking away women's rights or making negative statements about women, but to "show the men in our lives that we care".

Despite being a conservative Trump supporter, Ms Watson says the march welcomes people of all political preferences.

Her self-titled YouTube channel has nearly 30,000 subscribers and her other videos include provocative titles like 'White privilege doesn't exist', 'Why you aren't racist for hating multiculturalism' and '#MeToo ruined workplaces'.

In a YouTube video promoting the event, she states the march is "about men and women standing shoulder to shoulder to demonstrate that we're here for one another".

Ms Watson has also started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the event and for men's charities, and has so far raised $1900 of her $5000 goal.

300 people have stated they are attending on the march's Facebook event.