Canadian farmer keeps McDonald's meal for six years to prove it doesn't rot

  • 08/07/2018
McDonalds from 2012.
The McDonald's meal from 2012. Photo credit: Twitter /@RWTFarm

A farmer in Ontario, Canada who has kept a McDonald's meal since 2012 has proven the urban legend is mostly true - McDonald's food doesn't rot.

Dave Alexander kept his McDonald's cheeseburger and fries from June 7, 2012 and put his food experiment up for sale on eBay for NZ$43.

He told Time the burger had lost its moisture entirely and the cheese went slightly brown, but from a distance the meal looked as if it were purchased that morning, considering the fries were practically the same as the day of purchase.

A year after buying the burger, his friend decided to also take the challenge but with his own homemade version. After five years it had done much worse, with the fries almost turning to stone.

The bid for the burger reached NZ$84 before eBay removed it for being a food item with no expiry date.