CCTV shows moment friends realised they won $60 million

A Canadian petrol station's security footage has captured the moment a group of friends realised they were multi-millionaires.

Bryan Redman, Stephane Dionne, Gilles Dionne, Christopher Beazley and Norman MacDonald are Ottawa residents and former colleagues who have been friends for years.

The group has bought a ticket together every lottery draw for 10 years - and their determination has finally paid off.

The winning numbers for the Lotto Max jackpot of C$60 million (NZ$67 million) were drawn last week.

Mr Redman was the first to realise his group had literally hit the jackpot when he checked the ticket at his local petrol station the next day.

"I was the only one in there, scanned it, it said, 'Big winner, $60 million'."

However when he tried to contact the other winners to tell them the good news, none of them would pick up their phones.

"I got out of there, ran out of there, got into the car, locked the doors, started calling these guys. Nobody answered!"

He eventually got hold of Mr Dionne, who says he "started to cry instantly" when he heard he had become a millionaire.

After tracking down the three other men, the group of friends headed to the petrol station in Orleans, Ottawa, to get official confirmation of their windfall.

CCTV footage inside the store shows the attendant verifying their winning ticket, before stepping back and covering his mouth in shock.

The new millionaires can be seen laughing and hugging one another as they realise their newfound riches.

Local television station CTV Ottawa reports that if the five friends split the money evenly, they'll each receive C$12 million (NZ$13.4 million).

The men were presented with their cheque in Toronto on Thursday (local time). They say despite their dramatic changes in fortune, none of them intends to retire just yet.


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