Chinese toddler survives 17 storey fall from apartment after being left home alone

Yueyue and her mother.
Yueyue and her mother. Photo credit: YouTube

Doctors have been left shocked after a Chinese toddler survived a 17-storey fall from her apartment building when she was left home alone while her grandmother was grocery shopping.

Young Yueyue, 2, was barely injured by the fall and only required treatment for a minor contusion to her liver and a small fracture to her ribs, The Daily Mail reports.

Young fell from the open window July 11. Her fall was broken by several tree branches and she landed on a soft patch of soil that was still damp from recent rain.

Neighbours found the toddler wandering the street outside the apartment and her grandmother found Young crying and surrounded by concerned residents.

The girl's parents were then immediately called and she was taken to the Changzhou Children's Hospital.  

"We expected her injuries to be severe, but she turned out to be fine," her doctor, Xu Run, said.

"There were no major injuries to her organs or any serious bone fractures - she didn't look like she fell 17 floors."

Yueyue's family is now facing abuse on social media for leaving her alone in the first place and allowing her to get into such a dangerous situation.

"The parents should have installed window grilles for their child's safety," one commenter said.

"Her family should have been more careful, especially with children at this age," another wrote.