Cops called to young boy mowing neighbour's lawn for free

A video has gone viral on social media showing police in Ohio being called to check on a group of young African American children mowing their neighbour's lawn for free. 

Reginald "Reggie" Fields, 12, has been mowing lawns at his local Maple Heights neighbourhood to earn some spending money. But when he and his siblings and cousins accidently started mowing the lawns of one neighbour, the police were called. 

Luckily, the neighbour whose lawn the children had agreed to mow, Lucille Holt, filmed the ordeal and uploaded the video to social media, outraged that police were contacted. The video has now gone viral and Reggie's business is stronger than it's ever been. 

The children had agreed to cut Ms Holt's grass but accidently crossed over into her neighbour's lawn. The mistake was understandable, since the lawns on the street are not separated and continue on from each other. Nevertheless, police were called to the scene. 

Ms Holt said on Facebook the kids are used to the neighbours calling the police on them, despite them behaving perfectly. She said the neighbours "should be glad these kids aren't here breaking their cars windows. They should be glad they aren't here stealing their cars". 

Ms Holt said she will be making a complaint against the neighbours. 

The children's mother, Brandy Marie Fields, posted the video to her Facebook page with the caption, "This is what happened when your kids are doing positive things in [Maple]. The police show up."

People on social media were quick to condemn the neighbours for wasting police time. One commenter said, "Please focus the blame on the neighbor [sic] though, the police were out because they had a complaint."

Others simply had praise for the young boy and his relatives for having a great work ethic - something the neighbours who made the complaint failed to see. 

"Your Son [sic] is amazing! Well done mom!" a Facebook user wrote to Ms Fields.