Deported NZ pastor Logan Robertson shows no remorse for harassing 'sissy' Muslims

A controversial New Zealand Christian pastor has been deported from Australia for alleged harassment of Muslims, and doesn't appear to show any remorse. 

Pastor Logan Robertson was deported from Australia after being arrested in Brisbane earlier this month, along with three other men, after incidents of alleged harassment at mosques in the areas of Darra and Kuraby. 

Mr Robertson is from New Zealand, having founded the contentious Westcity Bible Baptist Church in Avondale in 2014. He moved to Brisbane with his family to launch the Pillar Baptist Church, which has a small congregation and a history of opposing Islam, abortion and homosexuality. 

Mr Robertson is currently in the Philippines on a "mission trip" expanding the church's message, after being deported back to New Zealand. His youngest daughter was born in Australia and needs to apply for New Zealand citizenship before she's able to leave the country. 

Mr Robertson appears to show no remorse for his actions at the Brisbane mosques. He told RadioLIVE on Friday that he has been making a documentary about "exposing Islam" and had approached a number of Islamic leaders known as Imams for interviews. 

"We went into the [Kuraby] mosque and talked to the Imam who gave us a phone number we should ring to set up an appointment, and as we were leaving some teenagers started yelling at us from the top storey of the mosque calling us liars and stuff," he said. 


Mr Robertson recalls asking the Imam how old his wife was, and when the Imam didn't answer, Mr Roberson called him a "sissy". That's when the hostility began, he said. 

The following day, Mr Robertson said he went to interview an Imam at Darra mosque where an appointment had been scheduled for 12pm that day. The Pillar Baptist Church group also reportedly travelled together to an Islamic school. 

The group was eventually confronted by police, and Mr Robertson was taken into immigration detention and had his visa cancelled, accused of harassing Muslims. He chose not to appeal against his deportation after spending 12 days in a detention centre.

"It proves that they are sissies the Muslims, because instead of having an interview with us, they had to ring the media, they had to call police, just because they don't want their religion exposed for what it is," he told RadioLIVE. 

Contrary to his reputation, Mr Robertson said he "loves Muslims" but disagrees with the Quran's teaching that followers only go to Heaven if they do good. 

He said he favours the Christian teaching that followers will be accepted into Heaven if they "trust in the death, the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ". 

Mr Robertson also disapproves of Islam because the founder, the prophet Muhammad, was a "paedophile", he claims, referring to the Muhammad's supposed relationship with a nine-year-old girl. This is, of course, extremely offensive to Muslims, who claim the girl was older. 

"I've got a nine-year-old daughter, and if anyone ever tried to marry my nine-year-old daughter, they wouldn't have long to live, I'll tell you that much," Mr Robertson said. 

"The Bible says all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution, so I know that I'm doing the right thing because I'm suffering persecution," Mr Robertson said, reflecting on his actions. 

Mr Robertson is known for saying homosexuals should be put to death and describing a woman becoming Prime Minister as "a curse".