Donald Trump's Russia comments just poorly articulated - campaign advisor

One of the men behind Donald Trump's campaign says the US President isn't supporting Vladimir Putin, he's just bad at articulating himself.

Lieutenant Steven Rogers spoke to The AM Show about comments the President made that appeared to support Russia over his own intelligence agencies.

"I don't see any reason why it would be [Russian meddling]," Mr Trump said.

He's now withdrawn the comments and said he actually meant to say "wouldn't" during the press conference.

Lt Rogers said it was a classic example of Mr Trump simply failing to articulate himself properly as he's not a traditional politician.

"Knowing what I know about him and working with his people, I thought to myself 'boy, he's trying to articulate that he's not favouring Russia over the United States,'" Lt Rogers said.

"What he's trying to say is that there was meddling but there was no impact on the election. So this morning I'm glad he came out and he articulated and kind of confirmed what many of us thought."

Lt Rogers said Mr Trump's presidency has led to great results for the US economy and more money in people's back pockets.

He railed against what he called the "hysterical" left who simply couldn't handle having Mr Trump as a president.

"What the critics do not or cannot get used to [is] they're not dealing with a traditional politician," he said.

"They're dealing with a smart businessman, so if there's any fault in President Trump he's probably approaching a lot of these issues as a very smart successful businessman."

Lt Rogers said maybe in future Mr Trump should be a little less transparent, to save him from "hysterics" over his actions.


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