Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands in Helsinki.
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands in Helsinki. Photo credit: Reuters

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have begun their high profile one on one meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

Putin kept Trump waiting for up to an hour before landing in Finland, while Trump arrived at the Presidential Palace - the site of the meeting - in Helsinki after Putin.

Prior to going into their meeting, the pair held a joint media call where Trump congratulated Russia on hosting the football World Cup and spoke of his hope for having an 'extraordinary relationship' with Russia.

The US President also spoke about the topics of the meeting, saying they'll be talking about "everything from trade to military to missiles, to nuclear, to China".

Trump did not say whether or not he would be addressing Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

The pair will now meet one on one, before having further talks with their advisory teams, with a joint press conference set to follow.


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