English autistic boy joined by group of girls as he sets out alone to his prom

  • 15/07/2018
The group of girls accompanying Brodie Smith.
The group of girls accompanying Brodie Smith. Photo credit: Image - Nicky Byrne Facebook

A 16-year-old autistic English boy who left to go to prom alone has been joined by a group of five girls who saw him walking alone.

Brodie Smith of the West Midlands had set out to prom alone in his three piece suit when a range rover pulled up next to him and a group of her fellow pupils invited him to join the group.

One of the girls in the group told The Daily Mail they were really excited to see him and jumped at the chance to invite him to accompany them.

"Let's get him in," and I was shouting out the window for him to get in the front seat. He was a bit overwhelmed, to be honest." She told the Daily Mail.

A few days later his mother Dianne was told of what happened.

"I knew nothing about it until a few days later. It touched me - I was in tears. Brodie will never forget that moment... He told me he didn't know the girls very well but they had just stopped and asked him to get in. You can see from the photograph how pleased Brodie was - he had a massive, massive grin," she told the Daily Mail.

Brodie was diagnosed with autism at age eight and has struggled with the hidden disability his whole life, finding it difficult to make friends.

He has just finished his GCSEs and is hoping to get into university.