Far-right speaker Lauren Southern says she's 'proud to be white'

  • 15/07/2018

Controversial YouTube star Lauren Southern says she feels "zero shame" about her ethnicity.

The far-right speaker landed in Australia on Saturday wearing a t-shirt that read "It's okay to be white" ahead of her 'free speech tour'.

She told Sky News Australia she is "happy to be white" and feels "zero shame whatsoever" for her ethnicity.

"If I were black I could say I'm proud, if I were Asian I could say I'm proud, if I were any other ethnicity I could say I'm proud because that's how our culture is, but if I'm white and I say I'm proud the media will go nuts."

Ms Southern was originally denied access from entering Australia, but her visa was approved by the Home Affairs Department on Tuesday.

She claims the initial visa denial was due to her criticisms of Islam.

Ms Southern also said she plans to take up One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson's dinner invitation.

The senator reached out to Ms Southern via Twitter.

"Sorry to hear about your trouble getting a visa, if you are still in Oz when Parliament sits in August you have an open invitation to dinner," the senator wrote.

"I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the situation in South Africa & on Islam. Good luck with your tour."

Ms Southern and Mr Molyneux were set to bring their speaking event to the North Shore's Bruce Mason Centre, but it was cancelled by venue operator Auckland Live.

Mayor Phil Goff sent a clear message that the pair are not welcome at Auckland Council venues.

"I just think we've got no obligation at all - in a city that's multicultural, inclusive, embraces people of all faiths and ethnicities - to provide a venue for hate speech by people that want to abuse and insult others, either their faith or their ethnicity," Mr Goff told Newshub.

"These individuals who want to incite hatred against others are, in my view, not welcome here," he said.

Ms Southern was banned from entering the United Kingdom after displaying flyers reading "Allah is a Gay God" and "Allah is trans". She claims the flyers were part of a stunt proving Islam is homophobic.

Stefan Molyneux also shares his views in lengthy internet videos, including arguing race is tied to IQ and reportedly saying women are to blame for violent men because adults are informed by "dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women".