Husband killed, wife injured after newlyweds collide on honeymoon zipline

  • 11/07/2018
Tragedy struck when the woman became stuck halfway down the Honduras attraction.
Tragedy struck when the woman became stuck halfway down the Honduras attraction. Photo credit: Getty

An Israeli couple's honeymoon took a tragic twist after a fatal ziplining accident.

Egael Tishman, 24, and Shif Fanken, 27, travelled to Honduras as part of a cruise to celebrate their recent wedding. On July 5 (local time) the newlyweds decided to go ziplining among the treetops on Roatan, the largest of the country's Bay Islands.

Ms Fanken went first, but became stuck halfway down the line. Her husband then slammed into her in a violent collision that seriously injured both people, reports the Washington Post.

While Mr Tishman initially survived the crash, he began complaining of breathing difficulty while being transported to hospital in an ambulance.

He was given oxygen but died sometime later, possibly of a brain haemorrhage.

Ms Fanken, who suffered broken ribs in the collision, underwent surgery and is in a stable condition.

Honduran authorities have launched an investigation into the accident.

The country's tourism board denies any responsibility for Mr Tishman's death, and says the collision was the result of "incorrect operation" by the couple, reports the Daily Mail.

Roatan is a popular tourist destination and ziplining is a common activity. In 2015 a woman visiting the island while on a cruise was seriously injured while ziplining.

About 10 years ago another woman who was ziplining in Roatan was killed when a cable snapped, reports the Washington Post.