India strips four million people of citizenship

People wait to see if their name is on the NRC
People wait to see if their name is on the NRC Photo credit: Reuters

India has published a list of people that will essentially strip four million of citizenship in the Assam state.

The National Register of Citizens is a list which shows people who came to the state before 24 March 1971, the day before neighbouring Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan.

Millions of people fled to India during the Bangladeshi independence wars with many settling in the Assam state.

Under the Assam Accord, signed in 1985, all people who cannot prove they came to the north-eastern state before 24 March 1971 will be expelled as they are not considered legitimate citizens.

Aroudn 32 million people submitted themselves for the NRC to prove they are citizens but around four million were left off the published list.

India says no one will face immediate deportation, and all will have full rights to appeal even though potentially millions of families will live in limbo waiting for their legal status to be resolved.