Kiwi man the victim of vicious assault in Western Australia

A Masterton man has been viciously assaulted and left with a fractured skull in Albany, Western Australia whilst out celebrating his 40th birthday.

The attack happened outside a nightclub when he and his friend became involved in an altercation with a group of men.

Mr Skeet was punched and fell, hitting his head on the ground - causing a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain.

Waking up in Royal Perth Hospital, he told The West that he could not recall anything from the incident.

"I can't remember any disagreement with anyone on the night or anything along those lines."

His wife had also arranged a large birthday celebration for him the next day, with people travelling from New Zealand for the event.

Albany Detective Senior Sergeant Kris McDonald told The West the attacks were cowardly.

"It's just simply cowards being cowards and they need to realise that striking someone in this manner, in this way has extreme effects, and can result in the death of a person as we have seen in the past."

Police have identified suspects and are calling for witnesses.