Lizard Man's sister speaks out about his murder-suicide

Lizard Man's sister speaks out about his murder-suicide
Photo credit: BronsonEllery/Twitter

The sister of the heavily tattooed 'Lizard Man' has spoken out about her brother who died in a murder-suicide nearly two years ago and his infamous tattoos.

Bronson Ellery, the 24-year-old Gold Coast man dubbed 'Lizard Man' by police due to his full-face tattoos, allegedly killed his partner, Shelsea Schillling, in a murder-suicide in November 2016.

While Ms Schilling's family are still searching for answers about the moments leading up to her death, Ellery's sister, Talitha Ellery, says she suspects it was an "accident", the Daily Mail Australia reports.

"I believe it was an accident and he couldn't live with himself. Both families have to live with whatever has happened... There are two families who lost children that day, not just one."

Ms Ellery says her brother deeply regretted his infamous tattoos, believing they made him a social outcast, with the Bandidos bikers gang attempting to recruit him for his appearance.

She says he had a tattoo addiction from a young age and changed his behaviour to reflect the fearsome image others had of him. 

"He was constantly, ever since he did that to his face, trying to get rid of it. He knew it outcast him in work, life, everything. He became a broken person."

Witnesses allege Ellery strangled and beat Ms Schilling to death and then took a fatal dose of drugs.

Ms Schilling's family have demanded the Queensland coroner open an inquest into her death.


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