Man live-tweets Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.
Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. Photo credit: Newshub.

An attendee at a Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event in Australia has taken to Twitter to let his followers know just what it is they have to say.

The controversial far-right pair are on their way to New Zealand to speak at a secret venue, after being barred from using the council-owned Bruce Mason Centre over health and safety concerns.

Simon Copland, who describes himself as a writer, apologised for the "epic racist stuff" the duo told the sold-out audience in Sydney.

According to Mr Copland, Molyneux mocked aboriginal origin myths, saying the colonisation of Australia was simply western culture stopping rape and infanticide, and there was no treaty with aboriginals because they occupied the "lowest rung" of civilisation.

Southern took the stage launching a tirade against multiculturalism, and said if it's not stopped then "we are outnumbered in our own country". There were big cheers from the crowd when she mentioned Donald Trump.

It wasn't just the speakers that caused serious discomfort for Mr Copland, but also the audience. They reportedly laughed at Molyneux's story about how Aboriginal people used to punish young girls by putting their fingers in ants nests, and one audience member yelled, "Stop it - I'm getting aroused."

The pair are set to enter New Zealand next week, but promoters will not confirm which venue has agreed to host the far-right speakers.

You can follow the entire string of tweets from the event here. Warning - some of the language and ideas could cause offence.