Married man looks for one-night stand on Tinder with baby basket in background

A married man's Tinder photo has disgusted many on social media.
A married man's Tinder photo has disgusted many on social media. Photo credit: Twitter/@dizzydub1

A married man looking to cheat on his spouse posted a photo to Tinder in which a baby basket can be seen behind him.

The 42-year-old North Dublin resident, identified only as 'P', wrote that he was home alone and "looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more".

He freely admitted his marital status, with 'married' the very first word of his dating profile description.

The accompanying photo, in which P poses shirtless in a pair of jeans, features a baby's 'Moses basket' in the background. This indicates that as well as being married, the unfaithful Dubliner is also a father.

The photo doesn't include his face as P explains it is "too risky" - but he says he's happy to send a head shot to anyone interested in spending the evening with him.

A woman named Linda shared a screenshot of the man's Tinder profile on Twitter, saying that her friend had come across it while using the app.

Another woman named Susanne, who seems to be the friend Linda was referring to, said that she called the man a "hairy nippled prick" after taking the screenshot.

Many were disgusted by the man's brazen infidelity.

"Out of shape father seeks [to] escape own life choices," one person said.

"His poor wife," said another.