Missing boys football team found alive in Thailand cave

There have been jubilant scenes in Thailand as rescue teams found the boys football team, missing in a flooded cave, alive and safe.

The 12 teenage boys and their coach have been trapped for nine days. Plans are being put in place to send in a doctor.

"At the moment they're too weak to move so they're going to assess what they can do with them before taking them back out of the cave," said CNN's Mark Phillips.

"But they may not come out of the cave for another 12 hours depending on what their health condition is and how weak they are."

The team, made up of children aged between 11 and 16, got stuck when the entrance to the tourist attraction flooded, leaving them stranded inside.

They had entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave on June 23 with their 25-year-old coach, and authorities believed they were still alive despite the odds.

Divers sent into the cave by the Royal Thai Navy discovered foot and handprints on dry soil that hadn't been reached by water, the country's Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan said.

Food and water had been dropped down a tunnel believed to be connected to the cave system. Notes with instructions on them had also been left alongside the supplies.

The Tham Luang Nang Non cave system runs for many kilometres beneath the Chiang Rai province.

It is popular with tourists, but a stream that visitors must cross to get into the cave can flood, making it dangerous and difficult to get out of.