Mum 'stunned' after school accidentally leaves mocking voicemail about autistic son

  • 19/07/2018

A mother has been left stunned after receiving an offensive accidental voicemail from staff at her son's school. 

Retail worker Leighanne Bromley, 29, says she received the voicemail last Tuesday from staff members at RNIB Three Spires Academy in Coventry, England, where half of the pupils have autistic spectrum conditions. 

The voicemail contains rude remarks about Ms Bromley's 10-year-old autistic son, Harley. 

Ms Bromley said her initial reaction to the voicemail was shock. She told Yahoo UK her jaw "just hit the floor - I was stunned." 

Harley had been sent home from school that day with a note saying he'd been ill, so Ms Bromley called the school. She then received the voicemail from the school shortly after. 

In the voicemail, a female staff member can allegedly be heard asking when Harley will be returning to school. The staff member then appears to think the call has ended, and says to someone "make sure he's off all f**king week" while the other person asks "what about two weeks?"

The rude remarks between staff members continue, with another person allegedly retorting "don't bring him back until the 27th of July".

Ms Bromley, who says she has never had any issues with the school until now, says the school has "been weak in dealing" with the issue. 

The head teacher of Three Spires, Robert Jones, has launched an investigation into the matter, and has publicly apologised to the mother and son. 

"We offer a full and sincere apology to Leighanne Bromley," he said. "This type of behaviour is not acceptable and goes against the values of our school." 

Harley was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder at four years old in 2013, and has a developmental delay. 

Ms Bromley says her son is a "sweet boy".