'Nothing short of treasonous': Trump's praise for Putin condemned left and right

America's reaction to President Donald Trump siding with Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies was swift and damning - and not just from the intelligence chiefs.

From CNN to Mr Trump's favourite channel Fox, the media were united in their condemnation of the President's dismissal of Russia interference in the election he won. 

Anderson Cooper called it "perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American President".

Even Mr Trump's friends at Fox News - the only media outlet he seems to tolerate - were shocked, calling his comments "unbelievable".

Former agent Malcolm Nance told ITV that President Trump has a personal agenda in discrediting the work of US intelligence.

"He believes anything that delegitimises his election or diminishes him in any way, shape or form, that it must be a plot."

On Twitter, former head of CIA John Brennan said the press conference performance was "nothing short of treasonous".

"Not only were Trump's comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin."

Even those who the President would naturally count as allies were troubled by his actions.

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats said they had made a "clear assessment there was meddling by Russians in the 2016 elections".

Republican senator Bob Corker was blunt in expressing his disapproval.

"Everyone who's dealt with Putin understands fully that the best way to deal with him is through strength, and I felt like the President's comments made us look, as a nation, more like a pushover. I was disappointed in that."