People need to give Trump 'a shot' - Mark Richardson

People need to give Donald Trump a chance and stop "extrapolating", according to The AM Show host Mark Richardson.

The show started with some animosity on Tuesday morning when it was revealed Richardson and co-host Amanda Gillies had been arguing about Mr Trump before going on-air.

Ms Gillies said there was little ill will between the hosts, but simply some good spirited argument between her and her "work husband".

The argument centred on whether the US President is a racist, with Gillies saying he was, while Richardson believes his comments have been taken out of context.

"People are taking words and extrapolating them out and basically people, because they don't like this guy's personality, are ripping America apart and it's irresponsible," he said.

"Give the guy a shot."

Gillies disagreed and said she had provided Richardson with several real examples of Mr Trump being racist that he was unwilling to accept.

"We've given him plenty and so I gave him about ten examples of when he was a racist and every one he went 'no, no, oh, no, no'," she said.

But Mr Richardson retorted it was in fact a media beat up coming from the left, who were making Mr Trump's comments sound worse than they actually are.

"Some lefty's written an article that's extrapolated all these examples made them way more extreme than what they are, taken them out of context and gone 'bang there you go case made'," he said.

"They are absolutely factual," Ms Gillies replied.