Perth woman attacked by dingoes while eating lunch

A Perth mother attacked by dingoes has recounted her savage mauling, which tore the flesh of her leg from the bone.

The woman was attacked by a hungry pack as she ate lunch at an outback mine.

Three dingoes were drawn to the smell of Deb Rundle's sandwich. When she put it in the bin, one took off with her phone.

Ms Rundle followed to try to retrieve it, but as she retreated the pack attacked.

"I looked down and I thought 'Oh my God am I gonna die? Are they gonna get me down?'"

The animals "latched on" to her as she screamed for help, which arrived 10 minutes later when a co-worker finally heard her cries.

"I just didn't expect it," Ms Rundle says of the attack. "They're just not like that around the camp normally."

It comes nearly 38 years since Australia's most infamous dingo attack, when two-month-old Azaria Chamberlain was snatched from her family and never returned.

Dingo encounters are not uncommon at the Telfer Mine where Ms Rundle works in a far-flung corner of Western Australia. The busy site is a desert oasis that attracts packs of hungry dingoes, and the risks are all too clear.

Regional development minister Alannah Mactiernan says the incident is a "wake-up call".

"This is a serious problem up there."

Ms Rundle has already had two operations, and will need plastic surgery to save her leg. She's still standing despite her ordeal, and plans to return to the mine again.