Police investigate video of officers pinning down African American boy

 Police investigate video of officers pinning down African American boy
Photo credit: Facebook

Police have launched an internal investigation after a video showing two white police officers pinning down and restraining a young black boy in Georgia went viral. 

The video, which had been viewed over half a million times on Facebook, was posted by a member of the public on Sunday but has since been taken down.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department released a statement saying they were aware of the video and they are reviewing the facts around the incident.

"We ask that you remember we have made a promise of transparency to this community and have upheld that promise on multiple occasions," the post read.

Police ordered an internal affairs investigation as well as ordering the officers to release their body cam footage.

The Police Department say the officers made contact with a domestic violence suspect at his home.

After completing their investigation, the suspect was arrested and once in police custody, his 10-year-old child became extremely emotionally distraught. 

"On more than one occasion, the other adults on scene attempted to restrain the child without success.

"As an officer was walking the suspect to his patrol car, the child attempted to block his path and again had to be removed and restrained by the adult family members."

As the suspect was being placed in the back of the patrol car, the video clearly shows the child run pass family members and again ran towards our officer and lunge at one of the officers, the police statement read. 

"Our officer caught the child in mid-air and the momentum of the child launching himself caused the both of them to land on the patrol car.

"The child continued to be emotionally distraught, and continued with the outburst, at which time our officer placed him on the ground. While on the ground, the officer continued to attempt to de-escalate the situation, assuring the child that he was not under arrest and that he would let him up if he would remain calm."

Once the officer believed the child had calmed down, he allowed him to return to his feet, the statement read.

"The child continued to be emotionally distraught but was not resistant towards our officers. Our officer began to console the child and helped him to understand what was happening to his father."

The child asked to speak with his father which the officers allowed, police say.

The Athens-Clarke County attorney is reviewing the video footage due to a juvenile being involved. 

It will be released once his office has completed the review.