Road accident victims in India beg for help as onlookers take selfies

The victims "lay unattended for nearly half an hour".
The victims "lay unattended for nearly half an hour". Photo credit: Twitter / ANI

A group of bystanders in India have caused outrage after images emerged of them taking selfies with victims of a motorcycle accident rather than calling for help. 

Three men, aged 25 to 30, were riding a motorcycle in Rajasthan on Monday that collided with a bus, leaving them with severe injuries. When onlookers spotted the victims, instead of alerting emergency services, they snapped pictures with the bloodied men, the Telegraph India reports. 

The onlookers have been condemned by police and the public, after a selfie video was posted to social media. The three victims in the video were confirmed by constable Moolaram as Parmanand, Gemra Ram and Chandra Prakash. 

Chohtan station house officer Manohar told the Telegraph the victims "lay unattended for nearly half an hour" before emergency services were called to the scene. One of the victims, Parmanand died on the spot, Manohar said. The other two victims died after being taken to hospital. 

The man who took the selfie hasn't been identified yet, according to Manohar. He said had the onlookers called emergency services sooner, all three of the victims might have survived. 

Social media users were quick to condemn the bystanders for their lack of action. One person commented that helping accident victims should be "mandatory" and that human life has become cheaper than getting selfie likes. 

It's not the first tragic selfie story to come out of India. In May, a man was killed by a bear after trying to take a selfie with the animal in the Nabarangpur district of Odisha in India, The Independent reported. 

A large amount of selfie-related deaths have occurred in India over the past two years. 

Research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi found 76 reported selfie deaths out of 127 between March 2014 and September 2016 took place in India. 


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