Swedish student's plane protest stops man being deported to Afghanistan

A Swedish student activist has stopped an asylum seeker being deported to Afghanistan by staging a protest on a plane.

Elin Ersson refused to take her seat until the pilot ordered the 52-year-old to be taken off the plane.

"I'm not going to sit down until this person is off the plane because he will most likely get killed," she says.

The 21-year-old bought a ticket for the flight from Gothenburg to Turkey as part of a protest against Sweden's tough asylum policies.

She said she was fighting to get her country's immigration policies changed, but for now she was trying to stop the man "from going to hell".

She documented the ordeal through a Facebook live which has over 3 million views.

Ms Ersson encountered plenty of hostility throughout the protest from fellow passengers and border patrol agents.

"The people who were trying to deport the man have actually pushed me and forcibly moved me," she says in the video.

In the background other passengers can be heard yelling at her, saying "Sit down! We want to go!" and at one point a man tries to grab her phone off her.

She doesn't back down, telling the angry passengers: "I am very sorry that a man is going to die and you are more worried about missing your flight."

Other passengers including a football team are supportive of her, clapping for her and telling her that she was doing the right thing.

Ms Ersson said the pilot had the authority to say that the man was not allowed on the plane.

Her protest was successful and the man was taken off the plane. Ms Ersson agreed to leave too once she had seen that he was off.

When she sees that he is off she bursts into tears, and passengers give her a round of applause.

She was met by security when she got off the plane, and it's not yet clear whether she will face any consequences for the protest.