Thai cave rescue: Plans to close caves, possible parade on the way

The last Wild Boars have finally been freed from the cave and now attention is turning to what to do next.

CNN Correspondent Matt Rivers told The AM Show the boys are in good spirits after the ordeal and now everyone is wondering what to do next.

The group have become celebrities all over the world and have been offered many gifts, but it's yet to be known how much they will talk to the press.

Mr Rivers said there may be some help from the Thai government if they want to keep their privacy.

The caves the group became trapped in may be closed, they were already due to be closed soon due to the monsoon rains, but now there is talk of closing them from 2019.

Questions are being asked over what needs to be changed in Thailand to ensure this sort of accident never happens again. Also how to best honour those who worked on the rescue.

Mr Rivers said the government will almost definitely throw some kind of celebration for the rescuers, who worked night and day to get the boys out of the cave.

"I think you would imagine they would, especially when you consider that Thailand is run currently by a military government and so they're going to be looking for any sort of PR win that they can," he said.

"So I wouldn't be surprised if they take some of the members of their military and put them out.

"As of now though they are not doing that or at least it's not planned for the next couple of days."