The Kiwi diver in the thick of the Thai cave rescue

A Kiwi diver was in the thick of the rescue of the Thai football team.

Fresh video from underground showing just how tricky the rescue operation was to get the 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach who were stuck underground for 18 days out.

The Thai boys remain in quarantine for several days as they recover, and the hospital that's treating them has released video showing the boys in high spirits. 

Although there is relief, there's still desperation on the faces of their family; a glass pane seperates the boys from their parents waiting for a reunion. 

But now for the first time it has emerged a Kiwi played a role in the rescue - diver Ross Schanuer spent seven hours carrying the boys to safety on stretchers.

"They came up out of where the divers left them, and we just helped them with the stretchers, passed the rocks and passed them to the next team," he said,

The rescue all made possible because of a daring nature of the Thai Navy SEALs - a act of bravery the world will never forget. 

Their video revealed the sheer size and scale of the meticulous operation having to navigate a wet, dark and narrow cave network.

At times, the football players were wrapped in blankets and carried in stretchers and their vital signs were closely monitored throughout the gruelling operation. 

The expert divers are being celebrated as heroes - but no one more than Australian diver doctor Dr Richard Harris, who is now grieving the loss of his father.