The moment missing Thai football team was found after nine days lost in a cave

Footage has emerged of the dramatic moment a Thai football team was found after nine days lost in a cave.

The 12 boys and their coach were found emaciated, waiting patiently for help by British rescue divers Richard Stanton and John Volanthen.

Their first question to rescuers was to ask what day it was, as they were disoriented and confused after over a week sitting in the dark.

"What day is it? What day you come help me," one of the boys said.

"Monday. One week and Monday. You have been here nine days. You are very strong, very strong," the rescuers replied.

Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen gave the boys more lights and assured them help was on the way. Divers will return soon to where the boys are located bringing food and a doctor.

As for how to get them out, that's another problem.

CNN journalist Mark Phillips, who is on the ground in Thailand, told The AM Show there are hopes the boys can be carried out of the cave if the rescuers manage to pump out enough water.

If that doesn't happen they may have to teach them how to scuba and bring them out that way, but there are worries that method will be extremely traumatic on the children.