Thieves sneak shark out of aquarium by disguising it as a baby

A trio has been caught on camera stealing a horn shark out of its pool at San Antonio Aquarium in California, US.

Posting the footage to Facebook, the aquarium stated that the group were loitering around an interactive pool before stealing the shark by wrapping it up like a baby.

Horn Shark.
Horn Shark. Photo credit: Facebook: San Antonio Aquarium

The 40cm-long shark was taken while a pool attendant's back was turned, and taken out swiftly via pram.

"Some guy just basically grabbed a shark out of the tank, put it in a baby stroller and left," Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said on Monday (local time).

When staff caught up to the group in the car park, they would not allow security to search the pram.

However, a subsequent police investigation discovered the missing horn shark at one of the men's homes during a raid.

One person has been arrested and two more are expected to be charged following the incident.