Three women stabbed in Chile pro-abortion march

A demonstrator at a pro choice protest in Chile.
A demonstrator at a pro choice protest in Chile. Photo credit: Getty

Three women have been stabbed in Santiago, Chile during a march for free and safe abortions.

The women and a police officer were attacked by a group of people wearing hoods, leaving them with non-life threatening injuries.

Santiago resident and pro-abortionist, Ale Silva, told Newshub the group were men from a far-right group, and the Chile media ignored the attack.

"It very easily could've been me or any of my friends. They were targeted because they were women and were marching, as it so usually happens... prolifers stabbing people, the irony," she said.

More than 40,000 women marched through Chile's capital carrying signs that read "women marching until we are free".

Up until last year abortion was illegal in Chile. It's now only legal abortions in three cases: if the mother's life is at risk, if the foetus will not survive the pregnancy or if pregnancy is a result of rape - but only in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, or 14 if the woman is under 14 years old.

However, when conservative President Sebastian Pinera took office in March he gave approval for private clinics to decline the procedure on grounds of conscientious objection.

A pro-choice poster from the march.
A pro-choice poster from the march. Photo credit: Ale Silva

A pro-abortion poster at the event translated into English said: "A perfect mum: a product from motherhood... 100 percent natural instinct... for a feminist, free and anti-patriarchal abortion."

New Zealand is currently in a discussion of its own around abortion laws. Under the Crimes Act 1961, it is a requirement that two certifying doctors agree to the abortion and only if the pregnancy would result in danger to a woman's mental or physical health.

Last week, pro-choice and pro-lifers faced off outside Parliament during a debate.

Pro-lifers left 13,285 baby boots outside to represent the number of abortions in the last year, and pro-choice activists carried signs that said "mind your own uterus".