Uber, Lyft suspend driver who live streamed his passengers without their consent

An Uber and Lyft driver in St Louis, Missouri has been suspended by both companies for filming passengers without their consent.

The driver, Jason Gargac, was live streaming his rides to video sharing platform Twitch. 

Mr Gargac has provided more than 700 rides on Uber, and more on Lyft, many of which were streamed without the passenger knowing to Twitch where other users could watch.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch reported passengers has been seen kissing, vomiting and gossiping about friends and workmates in the videos.

Many Twitch users would leave comments on the videos, some rating passengers on their attractiveness.

"The blonde is a seven, the brunette a five," one comment read according to the Post-Dispatch.

Mr Gargac's Twitch account has also been suspended.

Missouri State law only requires one party - in this case Mr Gargac - to give consent for the recording to take place, meaning Mr Gargac's actions are not strictly illegal.

The law does have further details about broadcasting footage where a person may have a "reasonable expectation of privacy".

Both Uber and Lyft have suspended Mr Gargac from driving for them.

"The troubling behaviour in the videos is not in line with our community guidelines," Uber said in a statement.

"The driver's access to the app has been removed while we evaluate his partnership with Uber."

Mr Gargac told the Post-Dispatch he had made changes to give passengers more privacy, such as turning off the street view camera when picking up and dropping off to avoid their addresses being made public.