US Congress candidate Denver Riggleman exposed as 'Bigfoot erotica' devotee

Nude drawings of the mythical creatures were found on a private Instagram account.
Nude drawings of the mythical creatures were found on a private Instagram account. Photo credit: Twitter / Leslie Cockburn

A US politician has been exposed as an alleged supporter of Bigfoot erotica. 

Republican candidate for Congress, Denver Riggleman, who is running in Virginia's 5th district, has been accused of aligning with white supremacists in the past, and has now been exposed for his alleged devotion to nude drawings of mythical ape creatures. 

Mr Riggleman is running against former journalist Leslie Cockburn, the mother of actress Olivia Wilde. Ms Cockburn posted screenshots to her Twitter account this week of a private Instagram account where Mr Riggleman allegedly posts his Bigfoot erotica collection. 

She accuses her running mate of being caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist, and goes on to expose him as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. She says Mr Riggleman "is not what we need on Capitol Hill [the seat of the US government]."

Ms Cockburn revealed another post where Mr Riggleman talks about the release of a book named 'The Mating Habits of Bigfoot'. 

And Ms Cockburn isn't the only person to bring up Mr Riggleman's unusual habit. 

Journalist David Sasserman writing for the Cook Political said the most "curious element" of Mr Riggleman's background "may be a recently-deleted Facebook author page appearing to promote a self-published book titled The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him."

But many Twitter users were quick to defend Mr Riggleman, telling Ms Cockburn to "keep to the issues". 

Another said while they support the Democrats, the fact Ms Cockburn made Mr Riggleman's alleged Bigfoot erotica habits part of her campaign made them want to "vomit". 

"I am telling every [Virginia] donor and volunteer I know to stay away from your campaign. You should be better than this." 

Others jumped to Ms Cockburn's defence. 

"[Mr Riggleman] campaigned with a white supremacist. If you think the Bigfoot stuff gives you cover to 'like him more' because he 'isn't a typical politician,' then you're just really looking for an excuse to like a white supremacist," Twitter user David Hines said. 

Mr Riggleman has been accused by local progressive groups of campaigning with self-proclaimed white supremacist Isaac Smith, alongside other racist and neo-confederate groups, according to reports.

But Mr Riggleman has since written an op-ed where he condemns white supremacists, saying they are "not welcome" in Virginia. 

"The horror we saw in Charlottesville last August is all but unfathomable. A violent rally on the streets of Charlottesville took the lives of three innocent people," he said in the article.