US student under fire for using N-word in text to future roommate

US student under fire for using N-word in text to future roommate
Photo credit: Georgia Southern University/ supplied

A US university student in Georgia is under fire for using the N-word in a text that she sent to her future roommate.

In a text that was meant to be sent to a friend, Courtney Schaefer said she'd checked her new roommate's Instagram account and she looked "pretty normal not too n*****ish".

Ms Schaefer then accidentally sent that text to the roommate, and then immediately apologised saying she meant to say "triggerish" as in "nothing triggered a red flag", WSAV reports.

Screenshots of the text have circulated widely on social media, however the person who received the text message has not been named.

Georgia Southern University's president Shelley Nickel addressed the incident in a statement.

"The University shares the hurt our community has expressed following the use of a racial slur exhibited in a screenshot shared on social media. The use of such racist comments is offensive and unacceptable and in no way reflects the attitudes or values of Georgia Southern University," Ms Nickel said.

"To be clear, there is no place for bigotry or racism on our campuses. Georgia Southern is built upon the values of integrity, civility and kindness and these principles should be reflected in everything we do. We stand for awareness, acceptance and tolerance and expect nothing less from our students, faculty, staff and community."

It's not clear what consequences Ms Schaefer faced, as the University said it would not comment on resident issues publicly.