US worker given car after walking 32km to work on first day

Walter Carr and his new car
Walter Carr and his new car Photo credit: CBS

A company in the US has given a staff member who was walking 32km a day a car.

Walter Carr had just started a job with a removals company when his car broke down - he had no choice but walk through the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, to get there.

A police officer spotted him on the commute and wanted to check out his story, over breakfast.

He then proceeded to drop Mr Carr at his removal job, where the family he was helping were beyond impressed with his attitude.

The customer, Jenny Lamey, took to Facebook to tell his story and how much she admired him.

She explained he'd told the family of his story, which saw him leave behind his home after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything to move to Texas.

His story made its way to the ears of the chief executive of his moving company, who met him for coffee over the weekend and handed him keys to his own 2014 Ford Escape.

Mr Carr hopes to graduate college in December with a degree in health sciences and go on to join the US marines.