Woman's heart-wrenching apology after terminal illness scam

  • 22/07/2018

A US woman has issued an apology after she was caught in a complex lie that culminated in her pretending to be a terminal cancer patient.

Kiley White's fib fooled a family in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, who took her in for four weeks after she told them her dishonest sob story.

Local police say it wasn't the first time the 26-year-old's used the misleading tale in an attempt to get free accommodation and care.

"It has been documented that White has used similar tactics on other occasions in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but she has never been charged with a crime," Det Sgt Burgan said.

"On each occasion, she has preyed on the sympathy and compassion of others, receiving services and goods from those victims whom she scammed."

However unlike the previous occasions, Ms White appears to have shown some regret over her actions - even issuing an apology on Facebook.

"First and foremost, to those I have hurt - purposefully or not - from the absolute depth of my soul, I am sorry," her post read.

"Words could never express just how many tears I have shed over knowing I contributed to the heartache of another human being. That was never my intent. Ever. "

White went on to say her relationship with the Egg Harbor family had been one of love and acceptance, and explained that her biological family had given up on her many years prior.

"Instead of working on myself and facing those hard truths, I pushed it all down," she wrote.

"The Evans family and I met and had an instant connection. I have weeks' worth of texts from them telling me I am their angel, that I've taught them so much.

"I had found a family who wanted me, who loved me, who accepted me. So boy did I run with it."

White says she is now seeking help. Police have charged her with theft by deception and harassment.


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