$160k needed to send Kiwi mum fighting for life in Bali back home

  • 27/08/2018
Abby and her husband Richard and children Sophie and Toby.
Abby and her husband Richard and children Sophie and Toby. Photo credit: Givealittle/Sophie Hartley

The family of a Kiwi mother who's fighting for her life in a Bali hospital have launched a desperate plea to raise money to bring her home.

Abby Hartley, 41, was rushed into hospital at the beginning of August after falling ill on her first day in Bali while on her 'second honeymoon' with husband Richard. 

She underwent emergency surgery to remove a section of bowel after doctors noticed a piece of it was twisted and dead. 

But despite a successful operation, 48 hours later she took a turn for the worst - developing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), several infections, a collapsed lung and kidney failure. 

On August 15, doctors made the call to put Ms Hartley in a self-induced coma.

Her daughter Sophie has set up a Givealittle page to cover the enormous hospital bills, a crowdfunding effort which has so far has raised over $110,000.  

Abby is severely oxygen deprived, meaning she will have some brain damage - but the extent of this won't be known until she wakes up, her daughter Sophie wrote on the page. 

Doctors want to send her home to New Zealand as soon as possible to be with friends and family.

"The last 2 weeks we have asked the doctor every day when he think she will be able to fly home to her family and friends," the page reads.

"Mums condition is very up and down so one day he will say she will be able to fly commercially in the next two weeks and the next day because she is not stable he says she will have to be EVAC'd (sic). So we have been getting our hopes up just to have them knocked back down again.

"Mum has become immune to all the antibiotics they can give her in this hospital in Bali and there is only one more antibiotic that can be given but they do not have it in Bali. The doctor said yesterday that he would like her to get an EVAC back to New Zealand as soon as possible as mum needs to be back in New Zealand with her friends and family as options are running out for him to try in Bali."

Sophie returned to New Zealand on August 17 to continue running the family tiling business, but her father Richard and 16-year-old brother Toby remain in Bali.

Her father's visa runs out on September 1, which he will have to renew in order to stay in Indonesia. 

Doctors fear if Abby doesn't get evacuated she may have to stay in hospital for many more weeks and possibly months, pushing the family to their financial limit with medical bills. 

Sophie has been posting regular updates on the page, the latest being put up earlier on Monday.

"Mum is still fighting away at this infection but her white blood cells have increased to 13,500. This means the antibiotics are fighting the infection but not as well as we would like."

"She has been [on] the mix of three antibiotics for 7 days and the Doctor says we are running out of time for her to respond to these antibiotics. Mums sodium levels have gone up which is not good for the brain and if they give her more fluids to combat this it could potentially affect her lungs."

She says the most important thing is to get her mother home as she deserves to be surrounded by her loved ones.