38,000 fans stampede in panic at football game after gunshots rumours

Multiple people have been injured after a crowd panicked and stampeded at an Arkansas high school football game.

Around 38,000 fans had gathered for the annual high school Salt Bowl in Little Rock on Saturday (local time) when a fight broke out. But the altercation turned into chaos after popping sounds were heard.

Fearing it was a mass shooting, the crowd stormed the exits, shouting and screaming. Shocking video shows the after aftermath as families flee in terror.

Numerous injuries were reported, although most of them were heat related. Several people were wounded, including some with minor leg and ankle injuries.

Police revealed afterwards it wasn't a firearm, saying it could have been a stun gun that had been dry fired or a barricade being knocked over.

The people involved in the original fight that sparked the panic have yet to be found, and the incident is still under investigation.

Salt Bowl committee member Shane Broadway said he was disappointed at how the game ended.

"Whoever caused it needs to be brought to justice. Kids lost tonight, kids who worked their butts off all summer long to play in a football game that means a lot to both of these communities," he told media.

Staff from one of the high schools involved also shared a statement.

"We applaud the efforts of the War Memorial security team and staff, school resource officers from both the Bryant and Benton School Districts, and the quick response of the Little Rock Police Department during tonight's Salt Bowl incident."