Crocodile spotted using pool noodle to cross the canal

The crocodile on the noodle.
The crocodile on the noodle. Photo credit: Instagram

A crocodile has amused social media users after being spotted using a pool noodle to cross a canal.

Instagram user Victor Perez posted a photo of the reptile straddling a yellow pool noodle in Keys Largo Florida on Sunday.

"Croc on a float," he wrote.

Commenters were bemused by the crocodile's possession of the pool too, some joking that the reptile was in the popular tourist town on holiday.

"No need to be alarmed... He's just here on vacation," one person wrote.

"Hilarious but also disturbing. Lazy croc? LOL," another said.

The weather station even got in on the fun, posting the picture to its Twitter account and joking the croc was being cautious.

"Yes. Yes, that is a crocodile on a noodle. Even they know to #PlayItSafe when heading into the water!" it said.


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