Donald Trump photographed colouring US flag wrong

  • 26/08/2018
Donald Trump and his Russian-American flag.
Donald Trump and his Russian-American flag. Photo credit: SecAzar/Twitter

Donald Trump has been photographed colouring in an American flag wrong.

The US President was visiting children at a hospital in Ohio with his wife Melania when he sat down to colour in some pictures with children.

A photo tweeted out by secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services Alex Azar showed Mr Trump sitting with partially coloured-in flag. Twitter users were quick to notice while the top stripe was correctly drawn in red, Mr Trump left the next two white and the coloured the fourth one blue.

Other photos appear to show it is indeed the President's work, showing him holding a blue pen as the fourth stripe is coloured in.

The US flag has 13 stripes, representing the original 13 colonies that formed the union, alternating red and white.

The Russian flag, on the other hand, has stripes in red, white and blue.

"Maybe it's not so wrong - looks like a poor attempt at the Russian flag," said Twitter user @AnthonyCurtis68.

Another said Mr Trump should show more respect for the US flag, "considering the fit he throws when someone kneels at a football game".

Mr Trump's campaign is under investigation for allegedly getting Russian help to swing the 2016 election.