Experts warn Europe's heatwave could become the norm

Three people have died and wildfires are burning as southern Europe continues to struggle with soaring temperatures.

Spain and Portugal have almost reached record highs amid warnings this heat is a sign of things to come.

Restaurants and bars in the usually bustling tourist city of Evora in southern Portugal are quiet, with visitors opting instead for water and shade.

Even locals are struggling with the unusually high temperatures, which are expected to remain above 40degC in many places until at least Monday.

It's a similar scene in neighbouring Spain, with tourists trying to cool down in the capital Madrid.

The Spanish death toll is now at three, as temperatures threaten to top Europe's all-time record of 48degC.

Wildfires are burning across the region amid warnings this unusual weather could become the norm.

The immediate problem is hot air sweeping in from Africa, but Time Magazine's Justin Worland says the wider problem is a warming of arctic temperatures due to greenhouse gases.

"What we see right now is really a warning sign of what's to come," he told CBS. "Human fingerprints are all over this particular heatwave."

It's not just Europe sweltering - China, Japan and North Korea are also setting new records.

Back in Europe, there's hope for some respite by next week, with heatwave warnings remaining in place until then.


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