Genoa prepares for state funeral for 38 killed in Morandi Bridge collapse

In Genoa, locals are preparing for a state funeral for the 38 confirmed dead after the Morandi Bridge collapse. 

Among the mess of iron and rock as many as 20 people are believed to be missing, and hope of finding any of them alive is fading fast.

A convoy of vans each carrying a coffin arrived at the the local exhibition hall on Friday ahead of a state funeral this weekend.

But amid the grieve miraculous tales of survival continue emerge too.

Gianluca Adrini who with a dislocated shoulder clung on to two wire for hours awaiting rescue.

His girlfriend says he was determined to survive to meet their unborn child due to be born next month.

New Zealander Di Mackey's been living in Genoa for two years.

She says the event has been particularly hard on her Italian friends: 

"It's heartbreaking. Just watching them on Facebook and watching them go from anger, to a passionate unity, to despair, saying 'who can we trust now if our bridges fall down like that.'"

And like everyone here she's worried about the integrity of Italian infrastructure.

Authorities are blaming the operator of the road and they're considering criminal charges - like unintentional homicide.

They're also demanding the firm pay for a new bridge and fix the buildings damaged in the collapse.

The hundred evacuated from their homes were given access today to collect a few belongings today.

They don't know when they'll be allowed to return but many don't want to while what's left of the bridge looms overhead.


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