Goats invade Boise, Idaho neighbourhood

  • 04/08/2018

A group of 118 goats have escaped from a rental goat company and ascended on the capital of Idaho, Boise, in the US.

The group of escapees mowed their way through people's front lawns and ate everything in sight.

A reporter from KTVB live tweeted the ordeal, including an "ask me anything" with one of the goats.

Eventually it was revealed the goats were owned by local company We Rent Goats, who hires goats out to people to eat grass and weeds for them.

Goats mowing through people's front lawns.
Goats mowing through people's front lawns. Photo credit: Twitter - @KTVBJoe

According to KTVB, animal control responded to the event with one truck but quickly realised it would need more than one to get the goats back home.