Google seems to wade into flat Earth conspiracy theory debate

Google seems to wade into flat Earth conspiracy theory debate
Photo credit: Newshub

One of the world's biggest companies may have seemingly waded into the flat Earth conspiracy theory debate.

Google has updated its Maps service, allowing users to zoom out and see the world as a sphere, rather than as a flat 'Mercator' projection.

The update was announced on Twitter with a GIF slowly zooming out from Greenland.


The choice of Greenland was deliberate, as the country would formerly have been shown as roughly the same size as Africa, despite the continent being 14 times larger. 

The flat-map projection was unable to represent land mass size on a relative scale, meaning some objects in the north and south became distorted to compensate for the flat globe, reports TechCrunch.

But Google's decision has also received attention from "flat Earthers", people who theorise that the planet is flat, not spherical.

While that theory was debunked by Aristotle in 330BC, it has continued to exist as a joke and legitimate conspiracy online, with several popular Facebook groups popping up to spread the theory.

The update is reportedly only showing up on some desktop browsers, so "flat Earthers" may wish to stick to mobile for now.