As it happened: Scott Morrison wins leadership battle against Peter Dutton

  • Updated
  • 24/08/2018

Current Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been dumped from his position after a leadership vote on Friday. Treasurer Scott Morrison will become the next prime minister.

What you need to know

  • Mr Turnbull narrowly defeated a leadership challenge from Peter Dutton on Tuesday, but was forced to face a second
  • Mr Turnbull called a party room meeting after a petition gained enough signatures on it
  • Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop then all contested for the leadership
  • Scott Morrison won the final vote against Peter Dutton

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3:30pm - Dutton promises loyalty to Morrison

Despite losing, Peter Dutton has pledged his loyalty to Scott Morrison, who he lost the final leadership ballot to.

"My course from here is to provide absolutely loyalty to Scott Morrison to make sure that we win the election and that we defeat Bill Shorten," he said.

3:10pm - Josh Frydenberg elected deputy

Josh Frydenberg will become deputy prime minister, the Liberal Party whip has announced.

She says he won this in an "overwhelming sense".

2:50pm - Scott Morrison wins

Scott Morrison has won the leadership contest against Peter Dutton and will become the next prime minister of Australia.

The final result was 45 votes to Mr Morrison, and 40 to Mr Dutton.

2:45pm - Julie Bishop eliminated from contest

Julie Bishop has been eliminated from the leadership contest in the first round of voting.

 It now comes down to a second round between Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton.

2:35pm - Malcolm Turnbull loses leadership

The ballot on whether to hold a leadership challenge has been successful, by 45 votes to 40. Mr Turnbull said if this happened he would resign.

Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, and Julie Bishop are now the candidates for his position.

2:15pm - Meeting will take place

The Liberal Party meeting will take place at 2:20pm (NZ time).

During the meeting, there will be a vote on whether or not a spill of the leadership positions will take place.

If MPs agree to hold a ballot, Mr Turnbull will not stand. The contest will take place between Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop.

1:45pm - Petition barely scraped through

It's understood the petition calling for a meeting to hold a leadership challenge had the bare minimum of signatures to pass - 43.

"This means the Dutton camp didn't get enough people to sign in their own right," ABC reports.

"Queensland MP Mr Entsch said he would be the 43rd signature if it was warranted, not because he wants to back Peter Dutton necessarily but because he wants the mess over."

1:35pm - Petition handed in to Turnbull

Peter Dutton has delivered a petition to Malcolm Turnbull with 43 signatures on it calling for a party room meeting.

Mr Turnbull says he is now verifying the names on the petition.

1:10pm - Turnbull supporters call for meeting

Even Mr Turnbull's supporters have signed the petition for a leadership vote, saying the instability must be resolved.

"This morning I signed a letter, and I caveated the letter with that I support the office of the Prime Minister," Queensland MP Scott Buccholz says.

"I supported the letter because it's moved into a document to bring on a party room meeting so this can be resolved.

"My motivation for doing so is because I believe the issue is to be dealt with today."

12:50pm - Windows smashed at Peter Dutton's office

Liberal leadership contender Peter Dutton has had his electoral office vandalised.

Brick pavers have been thrown at his windows and doors, leaving gaping holes in the glass.

A worker at a nearby business said it's not the first time the office has been damaged.

"Everything from people dressed up as witches through to the 'get up and go people' - a lot of people out here saying 'free Manus Island' and so on," they told ABC.

"It's usually his stuff around his portfolio, but not damage like this."